Our monthly get togethers

Join us in East Saint John at Trapped Bar (607 Rothesay Ave) for our monthly Fog City Kink slosh every second Tuesday.

This is a great opportunity to meet new people and get vetted for future Fog City Kink events!

A pint of beer sits on a wooden bar top

Rules & Expectations:

  • This is a 19+ gathering.
  • Dress is vanilla casual.
  • Do not out anyone, talk about who was there, or give identifying information.
  • No photography.
  • This is a Consent to Touch space – If it’s not clear keep your hands to yourself.
  • There is no play at these events.
  • This is not a “hook up” event. People are here for drinks and conversations. Please act accordingly.
  • Keep your alcohol consumption moderate. We want everyone to get home safe and we do not want to have to ask you to leave due to drunken behaviour.

If you break a rule at an event you will be asked to leave. Organizers reserve the right to ban those who break the above rules from attending future Fog City Kink events. This event is run by volunteers. While we cannot guarantee a completely safe space, we strive to keep an eye on problematic behaviour.

Fog City Kink is a 2SLGBTQ+ safer community. We don’t tolerate racism, heterosexism, ableism or transphobia. If you have concerns about someone, please reach out to us either at the event or afterward. If you have a problem or concern with someone we will do our best to address it.

Fog City Kink