Monthly Play Parties

Monthly play parties for vetted members of Fog City Kink on the 4th Saturday of the month from 8pm-12am. Join us at The Warehouse for social and play time. Our stations include a spanking bench, St. Andrew’s Cross, padded floor space for rope, and hot tub. We are a 2SLGBTQ+ inclusive & sex positive space. Parties are monitored by volunteer Dungeon Monitors.

When: 8pm to Midnight
Where: The Warehouse, near the Saint John Airport
Cost: $20 per person

A black woman in a lacey top lays back on a red bedspread with a variety of toys around her, such as a feather tickler and flogger

What you need to know…

  • The Warehouse is a clothing optional space, except for the Lobby which is clearly marked. You must use a towel on furniture or following the hot tub.
  • The Warehouse is a sex positive space, except for the Lobby which is clearly marked. Safer sex practices are encouraged.
  • This is a drugs & alcohol free space, if you are suspected of being drunk or high you will not be allowed to enter and will be asked to leave if already inside without a refund.
  • No smoking or vapes inside the play space.
  • Do not touch another person without consent.
  • Do not touch other people’s personal belongings, including toys without permission.
  • Do not interrupt on-going scenes and aftercare. Keep a respectful distance and refrain from interjecting with comments or having loud conversations nearby.
  • Limit your time using the play furniture to 60 minutes, including setup and cleanup, unless you have prior permission from the DM or Host.
  • Bring your own toys and tools with you.
  • Indoor shoes must be worn in the space.
  • No play, drinks or food in the hot tub.
  • You must clean stations after use.
  • The standard community safewords are GREEN, YELLOW and RED. GREEN means go, YELLOW means slow down/wait, RED means stop. If someone calls RED, the DM will ensure that all play is stopped or that play ceases until the person is ready to continue. If you wish to use other safe-words make sure the DM is fully aware of this. Any play involving gags requires a drop signal.
  • The following activities are NOT permitted: blood play, water sports, scat, enema, breath play, incest, suffocation and/or any restrictions around the neck or face which may interfere with oxygen supply or normal body functions. This includes but is not limited to plastic bags.
  • The following activities may be permitted if pre-arranged with the Host: wax play, fire play, knife play, needle play, Consensual-Non-Consent and rape play.
  • Photos may only be taken with the DMs permission and of consenting individuals.

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