Rules & Expectations

Our expectations for personal conduct

Fog City Kink has created a set of rules for events. All vetted members must sign a copy of the below rules as part of the vetting process.

  1. At Fog City Kink we believe in PRICK (personal responsibility informed consensual kink).

  2. All activities at Fog City Events are voluntary.

  3. The confidentiality and privacy of everyone at FCK events is to be respected. Who you see here, what you see here and what goes on here is not to be discussed away from the event location when you leave.

  4. Firearms, knives and weapons are strictly prohibited at FCK events except with the explicit permission of the organizers.

  5. Illegal substances are strictly prohibited at FCK events.

  6. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be denied entrance or be asked to leave an event.

  7. You are responsible and liable for your own possessions at FCK events.

  8. Participants must follow event rules, provided ahead of time and posted, at all FCK events.

  9. The FCK organizers reserve the right to deny entry or ban any participant without cause or explanation.

Fog City Kink